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While taking up any work relating to the preparation of plans/projects and conducting studies, a specific time period is stipulated based on the nature, scope and coverage of the work and the same is completed accordingly. For taking up any study the time period is generally 6 months to one year depending upon the scope and quantum of work  

VIP references and other important technical matters are attended on priority and disposed off within a week as per the instructions received from the Ministry from time to time. 

With reference to administrative matters within the office, the Chief Planner TCPO has issued instructions for disposal of various administrative matters such as advances and withdrawals required by the staff and processing of various applications within 1 – 4 weeks depending upon the nature of work, vide office circular no. C.11018/2/2001-TCPO/Admn.III dated 29.01.2002

All the technical and administrative matters are processed, supervised and coordinated at the division level and finally disposed off with the approval of Chief Planner

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