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Roles & Functions

As a technical wing of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, TCPO has been playing an important role in formulating policies, programmes and strategies for urban development in the country.  The Organisation is responsible for providing assistance and advice of highest order to Central and State Governments, Public Sector Agencies, Development Authorities and Urban Local Bodies on matters pertaining to urban & regional planning and development.  Apart from non-plan functions, TCPO also monitors specific plan schemes of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.  The major functions of the Organisation are grouped in the following areas:

  • TCPO as an apex Organisation in the field of Urban & Regional Planning and Development provides knowledge support and technical advice and assistance to various State Govts., Development Authorities, ULBs, other agencies etc.
  • Technical assistance and guidance to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, NITI Ayog, other Central Ministries / Agencies.
  • Research studies in areas of topical interest.
  • Manuals and Guidelines on various aspects of planning and development.
  • Training & Capacity Building, Conferences and Workshops in the field of urban & regional planning and development and Remote Sensing and GIS applications in Urban & Regional Planning.
  • Appraisal and monitoring of central sector projects / Schemes.
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