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Research Studies

  • Evaluation of DMA (Delhi Metropolitan Area) Towns in National Capital Region.
  • Document on Industrial Growth Centre Scheme, Export Promotion Industrial Parks and Special Economic Zones.
  • Capacity Building in Financial Management of Urban Local Bodies – a case study of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.
  • Comparative transportation profile for selected six metropolitan cities.
  • Social Infrastructure Scenario in Small & Medium Towns.
  • Municipal Road Scenario in Class-I cities of India.
  • Residential land Price Scenario in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Thiruvananthapuram and Lucknow.
  • Municipal Road Scenario in Class I Cities of India.
  • Economic Reforms and Employment Growth in India.
  • Access of Households to Drinking Water, Toilet & Drainage facilities and Electricity connections in India,2001.
  • Selected Demographic and Socio-economic Indicators of States and Union Territories of India.
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