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Schemes & Project

The Division had prepared Regional Plans for various Districts/Towns and undertaken various studies related to Transportation in selected Metropolitan Cities. These reports have been submitted to the Ministry and respective State Governments.

  • Jodhpur District Perspective Plan
  • Environmental imperative of Haridwar City
  • India City Profile Consultation Report 2010

Ongoing Studies

  • Dynamics of Peri-Urban Areas, Prospects and Challenges of Sustainable Development-A case study of Peri-Urban area of Lucknow City.

The studyaims to understand the patterns of recent urban expansion and process of land-use transformation in urban core and peri-uban areas of the city. Itfocuses on transformation of the land use, based on analysis of inter-linkages andmovement of passengers and goods,which would help in developing an understanding about why and how peri-urban areas are an important entity for metro cities. Italso examines the carrying capacity of peri-urban areas. It is expected that the outcome would assist the planners and land developers to evaluate whether development goals are in consonance with intended Master Plans, and if yes, how the resources can be used to enable optimumuse of existing infrastructure. The report writing is under progress.

  • Development of Inter-Modal Station (IMS) at Kashi, Varanasi

NHAI (National Highway Authority of India) has been identified by Commissioner, Varanasi Division, as an agency to develop Inter-Modal Station (IMS) Kashi. Town and Country Planner (TCPO) is a member of Steering Committee at Varanasi. Kashi Railway Station has been selected as the most suitable site for development of IMS based on pre-feasibility studies. IMS would help in making mobility more accessible for inter and intra city transit, reducing congestion on the roads, increase passenger convenience, reduce transportation costs and act as a revenue generation source in long run. On the instruction of the Committee, NHAI has submitted DPR of IMS, Kashi, which has been scrutinized and technical commentshavebeen sent to the organization concerned.

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