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Official Language (OL) Section of Town and Country Planning Organization perform the duty of implementation of provisions related to OL in the Constitution and different provisions of the Official Languages Act, 1963 in the Organization. The OL Section executes various important work in pursuance of orders issued by Official Language, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India and Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India from time to time. The Section also performs various work related to the implementation of Official Language Policy and organizing Hindi workshops, Hindi fortnight/month etc. At present, Sh. Lalit Mehta, Assistant Director (Official Language) is heading the Official Language Section of this Organization and one stenographer is assisting him. Apart from this, filling up of vacant post of one Junior Translator is under process.

Functions and Duties
The works done by the Official Language Section of the organization are as follows:-

  • English to Hindi and vice-versa translation including parliament matter, Annual report, outcome budget, documents of parliamentary standing committee and Parliamentary Consultative Committee meetings, agreement, memorandum of understanding, general orders, notifications, circulars, reports, etc. 
  • To organize meetings of the Official Language Implementation Committee of the Town and Country Planning Organization regularly in each quarter, review progress and take measures to solve the difficulties faced in using Hindi.
  • To organize Hindi workshops regularly in each quarter for the officers and employees of the organization. Organizing Hindi Day / Fortnight / Month in the organization and organizing various events etc.
  • To implement the Hindi Noting and Drafting Scheme of the Official Language Department in the Organization.
  • To nomination for Hindi language, Hindi stenography and Typing training under the Hindi Teaching Scheme of the Official Language Department.
  • To send periodical reports (quarterly progress report, half-yearly, Annual Assessment Report etc.) related to the implementation of Hindi in the organization to the Official Language Department.
  • To send the half-yearly progress report of Hindi to the Town Official Language Implementation Committee (Central) and regularly participate in the meetings organized by the committee.
  • To issue checkpoints, orders etc. for the implementation of Official Language from time to time.
  • To assist in preparing the inspection questionnaire for making successful the Official Language inspection in the organization done by the Parliamentary Official Language Committee from time to time, and fulfill the assurances within the stipulated time frame.
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