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All the technical matters such as preparation of plans and projects, appraisal reports of central sector schemes, comments on technical documents received from the central Ministries and other concerned agencies, policy notes and guidelines are processed and scrutinized at the middle level officers with the help of supporting staff and put up to the divisional head for consideration. The concerned divisional head forwards all such matters to the Chief Planner, TCPO for his consideration and approval. Once it is technically cleared by the Chief Planner, the matter is sent to the Ministry for consideration and further necessary action.

For all the technical matters supervision is done by the middle-level officers at the level of Associate Planner and finalized by the divisional Head i.e. Town & Country Planner before putting up to the Chief Planner for consideration/approval.

Responsibility and accountability for the work at various levels in the division.

SL. NO. Type of Work Responsibility / Accountability
1. Initiating and putting up the administrative/technical files. Secretarial/ administrative staff and Technical such as JSA/SSA and Research and Planning Assistants
2. Initial scrutiny and processing of technical matters/files Assistant Town & Country Planner, Research Officer, etc
3. Assessment of technical matters and preparation of draft report /plan/reply Associate and Assistant Town & Country Planner
4. Finalisation of technical matters / plans / studies /projects / reports/ comments, policy notes, guidelines Divisional heads such as Town & Country Planner
5. Approval Chief Planner/ Addl. Chief Planner
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